4th Norwegian-American Aesthetic Meeting and ISAPS Symposium

Friday, October 29, 2021
Oslo, Norway

NAAM4 and the First ISAPS Symposium, in Norway, October 29, 2021

– Announcement

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, NAAM4 will be hybrid this year and will occur on Friday, October 29, 2021. The good news is that NAAM4 will be combined with our first ISAPS symposium on the same day. We are so delighted to have already received acceptances from prestigious faculty for both the ISAPS symposium and NAAM4. For NAAM4, we have secured Timothy Marten, William Adams, Mark Joel, Kent K. Higdon from the USA. For the ISAPS symposium, Nazim Cerkes from Turkey and Francisco Gomez Bravo from Spain will be presenting. More information and faculty will follow soon.
Be sure to book the date for this hybrid meeting, and we look forward to seeing you in Oslo on October 29, 2021!

Welcome to NAAM4.

  • – Announcement

    Dear Colleagues and Friends,

    After the success of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Norwegian American Aesthetic Surgery Meetings in Oslo, 2015, 2017, and 2019, the Norwegian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NSAPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) are pleased to invite you to the 4th Norwegian American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting, Friday, October 29, 2021. This time, NAAM4 will be combined with the first Norway ISAPS Symposium (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, or ISAPS). Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this joint meeting will be held in hybrid format.

    We are proud to announce that we have gathered 13 distinguished colleagues for the faculty:

    William Adams, USA; Timothy Marten, USA; Nazim Cerkes, Turkey; Elisabeth Hall-Findlay, Canada; Francisco Gomez Bravo, Spain; Mark Jewell, USA; Ruth Graf, Brazil; Kent K. Higdon, USA; Amin Kalaaji, Norway; Kjersti Ausen, Norway; Gudjon Gunnarsson, Norway; Mary Jewell, USA; and Bjørn Tvedt, Norway

    Many lectures and courses will be presented at this educational meeting, starting Friday at 08:30 CEST, finishing later that day in the late afternoon.

    As tradition obliges, the program will be divided into 7 sessions:

    • Rhinoplasty
    • Breast (1), including the latest on ALCL and updates on recent innovations
    • Patient Safety and Practice Management
    • Breast (2)
    • Body Contouring and Regenerative Surgery With Fat Grafting
    • Face
    • Intimate Surgery

    The preliminary program is already published online at www.naam.no, where you can scroll down to program.

    Rather than simply presenting a limited number of topics, we will cover as many aspects of aesthetic surgery as possible within these 7 sessions. This time, we will have many topics and, from some faculty members, numerous lectures on their related topics in a compact continuous format. We believe, as does our faculty, this will enhance critical thought and stimulate discussion, allowing our colleagues to reflect on the discussions and come up with new ways of thinking.

    For special inquiries, please email oslomeeting@naam.no or go to our meeting website at www.naam.no, where information about the meeting can be found.

    Registration is open. To register online, please go to www.naam.no and scroll down to Registration.

    Congress fees: The in-person fees are low, and the virtual fees have been reduced further for all members of the IASPS, the NSAPS, And the ASAPS, as well as selected other societies. Kindly see information under “Congress fee” at the same meeting website.

    The congress will be held in hybrid format, with a virtual option. For those who prefer to travel to Oslo, the beautiful capital of Norway, with its fjords and natural surroundings, can be sunny and chilly in late October, about 16º C (60º F).

    We look forward to this exciting meeting and to seeing you in person or virtually in Oslo, Friday, October 29, 2021.

    Welcome to NAAM4 and the ISAPS Symposium.

    The Meeting Chairman,

    Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD, Norway

  • Faculty

    Francisco G. Bravo


    William Adams


    Kjersti Ausen


    Nazim Cerkes


    Mark Jewell


    Mary Jewell


    Amin Kalaaji


    Elisabeth Hall-Findlay


    Ruth Graf


    Timothy Marten


    Gudjon Gunnarsson


    Kent K. Higdon


    Bjørn Tvedt


  • Program Friday, October 29

    Preliminary Program

    Time zone: all times are given in Central European Time (CET) (Oslo-Rome-Paris time). 

    Equivalent time zones for other continents: 

    • San Francisco: Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): UTC/GMT −7 hours 
    • New York: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): UTC/GMT −4 hours 
    • London: British Summer Time (BST): UTC/GMT +1 hour 
    • Cairo: Eastern European Time (EET): UTC/GMT +2 hours 
    • Dubai: Gulf Standard Time (GST): UTC/GMT +4 hours 
    • New Delhi: India Standard Time (IST): UTC/GMT +5:30 hours 
    • Cape Town: South Africa Standard Time (SAST): UTC/GMT +2 hours 
    • Rio De Janeiro: Brasilia Time (BT): UTC/GMT −3 hours 
    • Taipei: China Standard Time (CST): UTC/GMT +8 hours 
    • Sydney: Australian Eastern Daylight (AEDT): UTC/GMT +10 hours 
    • Time Zone Converter 

    Total Time 

    The major talks within the Nose, Breast, and Face sessions are organized so that faculty discussing many topics within a session are given a total time of up to 60 minutes to cover his/her different topics. This condenses the course-like material, leaving ample time for questions and answers. Please pay attention to the total time listed after a person’s name.



    Session 1: Rhinoplasty (6 lectures) 82 minutes
    Session 2: Breast 1 (5 lectures) 58 minutes
    Session 3: Patient Safety and Practice Management (5 lectures) 57 minutes

    13:00-14:00 Lunch

    Session 4: Breast 2 (12 lectures) 119 minutes
    Session 5: Regenerative Surgery and Fat Grafting in Body Contouring (2 lectures) 34 minutes
    Session 6: Face Lift, Neck Lift, Fat Grafting, and Ancillary Procedures (Upper Lip Lift) 8 lectures) 97 minutes
    Session 7: Intimate Surgery (2 lectures) 34 minutes

    Preliminary Program at glance: 


    Opening Remarks

    Introduction: Amin Kalaaji, Chair

    International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS): Francisco Gomez Bravo (ISAPS Education Council co-chair)

    The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: William P. Adams, Jr (ASAPS president)


    Session 1

    Rhinoplasty (82 minutes)

    Nazim Cerkes, Turkey: Total time (lectures 1-5): 60 minutes

    1. Dorsum Management and Osteotomies: My Current Techniques
    2. Adjusting Tip Projection and Position
    3. Correction of Crooked Nose and Septum Reconstruction
    4. Secondary Rhinoplasty: Structural Reconstruction
    5. Alar Base Surgery

    Francisco Gomez Bravo, Spain: 12 minutes

    1. Key Maneuvers in Preservation Rhinoplasty

    Discussion: 10 minutes

    Session 2

    Breast 1 (58 minutes)

    Mark Jewell, USA, Total time (lectures 1-3): 24 minutes

    1. My Approach to Using Gel Cohesivity Options to Produce Great Outcomes in Breast Augmentation
    2. Isn’t It Time to Abandon Triple-Antibiotic Breast Pocket Irrigation, Based on Latest Research?
    3. Breast Implant Illness: A Process to Evaluate Patient Complaints

    Francisco Gomez Bravo, Spain: 12 minutes

    1. Triple-Component Natural Breast Augmentation: Achieving Anatomic Breast Shape and Movement With Round Implants

    Amin Kalaaji, Norway: 12 minutes

    1. New Trends in Breast Augmentation: Simultaneous Implant Conversion With Fat and Hybrid (Composite) Implant-Fat Breast Augmentation/Revision

    Discussion: 10 minutes

    Refreshment Break: 30 minutes

    Session 3

    Patient Safety and Practice Management (57 minutes)

    Mary Jewell, USA: 15 minutes

    1. One More Time, How Do You Motivate Employees?

    Kjersti Ausen, Norway: 12 minutes

    1. Reducing Bleeding in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Procedures: The Role of Tranexamic Acid, Administration Form, and Dosage

    Kent K. Higdon, USA, (lectures 3-5): 20 minutes

    1. The Safety of Capsulectomy in Breast Surgery
    2. The Safety of Facelift Surgery
    3. Safety of Aesthetic Breast Surgery and Safety of Combined Procedures in Aesthetic Surgery

    Discussion: 10 minutes




    Lunch Break: 1 hour

    Session 4

    Breast 2 (119 minutes)

    Ruth Graf, Brazil, (lectures 1-2): 20 minutes

    1. Breast Augmentation: How to Avoid Complications With Smooth Implants
    2. Primary and Secondary Mastopexy Augmentation

    Elisabeth Hall-Findlay, Canada, (lectures 3-7): 40 minutes

    1. Superomedial Pedicle Breast Reduction
    2. Aesthetic Breast Surgery: What Do the Measurements Show?
    3. Mastopexy: Achieving Long-Lasting Results
    4. Mastopexy-Augmentation: Avoiding Complications
    5. Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Presenting Options to Patients

     William P. Adams, Jr, USA, (lectures 9-12): 40 minutes

    1. The Aesthetic Society (full lecture at the beginning)
    2. Breast Implant Pocket Preparation: The 14-Point Plan for Success in Breast Augmentation
    3. BIA-ALCL Real-World Evidence and What It Means
    4. Technical Pearls in Augmentation Mastopexy
    5. Fast-Track 24-Hour Breast Augmentation

    Discussion: 15 minutes

    Refreshment Break: 30 minutes

    Session 5

    Regenerative Surgery and Fat Grafting in Body Contouring
    (34 minutes)

    1. Body Contouring in MWL and Postbariatric Surgery Patients: The Role of Fat Grafting and Regenerative Surgery. Gudjon Gunnarsson, Norway (12 minutes)
    2. Gluteal Augmentation With Fat (BBL): Patient Assessment, Surgical Techniques, and Safety Guidelines. Amin Kalaaji, Norway (12 minutes)

    Discussion: 10 minutes

    Session 6

    Face: Face Lift, Neck Lift, Fat Grafting, and Ancillary Procedures (Upper Lip Lift) (97 minutes)

    Timothy Marten, USA, (lectures 1-7): 75 minutes

    1. Periorbital Fat Grafting: A New Paradigm for Rejuvenation of the Eyelids
    2. Facelift and Fat Grafting: How Fat Grafting Can Make your Facelifts Better
    3. High SMAS Face and Mid-Face Lift: Combined Lifting of the Mid-Face, Cheek, and Jowl
    4. Neck Lift: Defining Anatomical Problems and Applying Logical Solutions.
    5. Management of the Platysma in Neck Lift
    6. The Short Scar Neck Lift: When and How
    7. Upper Lip Lift: Why and How

    Francisco Gomez Bravo, Spain: 12 minutes

    1. Dual-Plane Reduction Neck Lift: The Importance of the Deep Structures of the Neck to the Successful Neck Lift

    Discussion: 15 minutes

    Session 7

    Intimate Surgery (34 minutes)

    1. Penile Lengthening Procedures and Girth Enhancement With Fat Grafting. Bjørn Tvedt, Norway (12 minutes)
    2. Quality of Life in Anonymous Study With 125 Intimate Female Genital Rejuvenation Surgery Patients. Amin Kalaaji, Norway (12 minutes)

    Discussion: 10 minutes

    Closing Remarks


    Meeting Adjourns

  • Congress Fee

    In-person attendance 200 USD

    Virtual attendance:
    -Isaps members 50 USD
    -Norwegian society of aesthetic plastic surgery 50 USD
    -American society of aesthetic plastic surgery 50 USD
    -Danish society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -Finish society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -Swedish society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -French society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -Spanish society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -British society of aesthetic plastic surgery (BAAPS) 60 USD
    -United Kingdom association of aesthetic plastic surgeons (UKAPS) 60 USD
    -Brazilian society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -Canadian society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -Turkish society of aesthetic plastic surgery 60 USD
    -International society of plastic and regenerative surgeons (ISPRES) members 60 USD
    -Residents 80 USD
    -Non members of the above 120 USD

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    Meet Ullevaal

    Sognsveien 77C
    0855 Oslo
    23 00 83 00
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